About us

About us

Arthlex Research Pvt. Ltd. is a Company with a mission to enable businesses find the secret of Disruptive Innovation for their products and services.

We have invented a methodology called Problem Discovery Method, which is the first of its kind non-human centered methodology to unearth hidden radical problems associated with a product or service. These problems can be worked upon by Companies to get radical innovation which can get them far ahead of their competitors. We have a 20-day Problem Finding Program where we work with the relevant business teams and present a Final Problem Report associated with your Product or Service.

We partner with all the relevant stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem including Technology and Design Companies, IP Solution Companies, Innovation Management Platforms, Technology and Design Companies, Incubation Centres and Innovation Departments of Academic Institutions, Startup Mentoring companies etc.


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Problem Discovery Workshop conducted at Accenture as a part of Accenture Innovation Contest 2016. 108 Participants. 121 ideas.