PDM Method

Problem Discovery Method

Do you think your Products and Services are invincible? Think Again!

History is replete with examples which would prove that complacency leads to disaster. Whenever Companies have thought that they have captured the hearts and minds of the customers, along came an idea so different and revolutionary that it effectively eliminated their key offerings and effectively put them out of business. Pagers, PDAs, Walkman, all had their glory days but were replaced not by better versions of themselves but by radically different ideas.

Behind every such disruption is a visionary who looks beyond the obvious and spots a Problem where others see comfort and even happiness. And who takes this problem and comes up with a solution which immediately catches the imagination of customers who flock towards it, leaving established products and services searching for answers.

Everyone was comfortable with carrying a stereo to the beach to listen to music. But it was Sony which identified this as a problem in 1978 to create a Walkman. And Apple eliminated the Walkman by the same line of thinking.

This talent of Problem Finding is extremely rare and more so for Companies who are basking in the glory of their successful products. However it is extremely critical for all companies who rely on Innovation for their survival and success.

We have worked on this problem and for the first time, have created a systematic process for Problem Finding which will dissect human experience and break it down to find path breaking ideas which would turn into opportunities for your Company and also prove to be a ring fence to protect you from the scary beast called Disruption.

This framework is our IP and has been filed for patenting in India and the US